Dorchester Foyer

This door was a Christmas gift from my wife. It’s a replica of the revolving doors in the Dorchester Foyer. It comes from the site House of Ascot where the mother load of doors can be found.

Their description of the door:

The Dorchester, Park Lane, London is one of the world�s finest and luxurious hotels and was built on the site of the old American Embassy in 1931. This model shows detail of the front foyer from the inside. When you are standing at the reception desk this is what you see. The Dorchester was a favorite hotel in the war years as its thick concrete floors gave great security to the guests and earned itself the reputation for being the safest hotel in London. The brass and glass Deco clock shows the time of 12.03. This differentiates it from the first edition, commissioned by the Hotel for the millennium 2000 celebrations, where the clock was set at midnight. Other details on the model include door cases lined in patinated copper, the doors themselves being made of lead with gold plated kick plates and cigarette butt box.







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